Memorial Day Parade - Monday, 11 a.m.


We remember our war dead
With their names raised on bronze
And etched in stone
We remember their lives
And families’ sacrifice:
The best and the brightest
And the bravest, too.

We forget the children
They left with lonely spouses,
We never saw the long tears,
And the proud sadness of those
Who gave us their loved ones.

On these memorial greens
We gather to remember
The sons, the fathers
The homes, the children
And stop to say thanks
For the price you paid
For our freedom
to gather in peace
On these memorial greens.

Info on Monday's parade in Nutley.

Info on Monday pre-parade memorial tour.

Check out our web site at Old Nutley.

Poem and photo, copyright © 2007 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.

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