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Two thousand eight hundred eighty-two
Nutley sons fought in World War II
bravely boarding the bus
in the parade past the high school
and on off to Fort Dix & beyond.
The grunts in the ditches,
the pilots, navigators & bombardiers in the clouds,
the privates, sergeants and officers, too.
The heroes of north Africa
Sicily, the Boot, D-Day & Guadalcanal
Iwo Jima and so many more places
no one, then or since, ever heard of.
Our Nutley sons fought & many died
to prove that freedom is not free.

The chime, soft and soothing, struck
when each name is read.
Seventeen here – World War I
Twelve there – Korean War
Nine more here – Peacetime Vigilance
Nine there – Vietnam War
Ninety-two here – World War II.
And we remember the
Nutley sons who played on our streets
marched in the high school band
camped as young boy scouts
delivered our newspapers
hit a long, fly ball over the Oval fence
and reached out and caught that touchdown pass.
They played on our streets.
They lived in our houses.
They loved our town.
They let freedom ring.

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Copyright © 2007 by Anthony Buccino, all rights reserved.

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