Trees Fall On Alexander Avenue

Images like these were to be found in many parts of Nutley Saturday evening following a fierce windstorm.

Below, in about a 100-yard distance from the corner of Coeyman and Alexander avenues, at least four pine trees and one shade tree fell northward to the ground.

The larger pine on the corner straddled the resident's path light. Across the street, the pine tree at the entrance to the new pool fell so that its tip brought down a wire and blocked a portion of the neighbor's driveway.

On the west side of the street, a shade tree fell without causing additional damage. The tree had sprouted spring buds.

A few houses north, two pine trees fell, one pulled out the root an the other snapped a the trunk, nearly missing the autos parked in the driveway.

Copyright © 2008 by Anthony BuccinoShade tree down

Copyright © 2008 by Anthony BuccinoCorner pine couldn't wait until next Christmas.

Copyright © 2008 by Anthony BuccinoOne of two pine trees that fell onto a driveway.

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