Memorial Footbridge at the Mudhole Park

The nearly 90-year-old footbridge crossing the Mudhole spill way into Yountakah Creek has been replaced following flood damage. The renovation is part of a larger project to enhance other park system bridges and lessen flood damage during heavy rains. The footbridge was erected in memory of Nutley son Ray Blum who was killed in action in France during World War I.

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The War Department’s telegram telling of the death of Private Raymond Blum, son of ex-Mayor Blum, in action on Oct. 22, 1918, was received Tuesday night by Town Clerk Simon Blum just before the meeting of the Commissioners.

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The latter desiring to get his father from Yantacaw Engine rooms to the home of a relative before he heard the news, said nothing about it and went on with his work as clerk of the meeting. Later, Mr. Blum, senior was told of the tragedy.

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Ray was in the 312th Infantry, 78th Infantry Division, Company B, the regiment being the same one to which his brother Carnot is attached as well as several other Nutley boys.

Raymond Blum

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Memorial Parkway

A bronze memorial at Chestnut Street entrance Pathway extending length of parkway 427 trees, ‘a tree for each who served’

A copper marker bearing name of each who served Memorial boulder and bronze tablet bearing names of 17 men who died

This boulder to be surrounded by grove of 17 trees

Purchase of strip of land from the Schneider heirs, 1040 feet long by 75 feet wide

The cleaning and deepening of Kingsland Pond, making it suitable for canoeing, swimming and skating.

Four hundred and twenty-seven bronze medals, ‘one for each who served’

Handsomely engraved list, alphabetically arranged, of the names of those who served, to be framed and hung on the wall of the Library.

World War I - Nutley Sons Honor Roll

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